Uutisraivaaja reaches one of its milestones today: there’s exactly one hundred days left to apply!

Sounds like a long time. So why should you already start working on your application?

  • It takes time to be innovative, so be sure to start early enough. What could be the winning innovation, worth of 250 000 euros?
  • It also takes time to turn your innovation into a working concept. In Uutisraivaaja the most successful ideas are not only new but also realistic. That’s why it’s worthwhile to figure out how your innovation would survive in the real world.
  • A good application requires some work. For example, you need to have a plan on how to fund your project after Uutisraivaaja, so there are many details that demand attention.
  • During the last days of the application period, the servers of Uutisraivaaja might be busy, so the earlier you send your application the better.

It’s a good idea to already check out the application form of Uutisraivaaja, so you can see what kind of information you need to provide to apply.

Not everything has to be ready when you send your application – perhaps your prototype is incomplete, your project doesn’t have a name, maybe you are still looking for a team member.

The important thing is that you’re able to make the jury see the potential in your idea. Make it clear that your innovation has what it takes to succeed. Little gaps and question marks in the application won’t matter as long as you know how to move forward.

Remember to read the Uutisraivaaja FAQ, where you will find more information and tips on how to successfully apply.

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