The sign up for Uutisraivaaja Boot camp 2016 has closed on October 7th.

How to create media innovations? How to find a good idea and develop communication and journalism? How can I move forward with my project?

Participate in Uutisraivaaja Bootcamp to find out! The camp is a weekend-long intensive product development workshop where you learn how to create media innovations – and it doesn’t cost a dime. Sign up now, space is limited!

Bootcamp 2014 in Design Factory

Bootcamp 2014 in Design Factory

What is it?
At the Bootcamp, participants will develop their ideas using the design thinking method, created at the Stanford University. The Bootcamp provides the participants with skills that helps them develop their ideas further.
The participants will learn the design thinking method by doing fun and engaging exercises. You will also meet other people who are interested in media innovations. If you are looking for new members to join your team, you might find them at the Bootcamp. That happened at the Uutisraivaaja Bootcamp in 2012 and 2014! Check out the pictures from here.
The camp is free of charge, and it is organized by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.

Where and when?
Uutisraivaaja Bootcamp will take place in Otaniemi in Espoo, at the Aalto University Design Factory on October 21–23, 2016.

For whom?
Uutisraivaaja Bootcamp is intended for anyone who is interested in media innovations and/or Uutisraivaaja competition. You don’t need to have a fully developed idea yet, or actually, you don’t need an idea at all – the camp is an excellent opportunity to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. If you already have an idea for the competition, you can develop it and get feedback, so you can improve your idea.
The Bootcamp has limited space, and if there are more applicants than we can accommodate, the participants will be selected based on their application for the camp.
If you have a team, it is beneficial to have as many team members to participate in the camp as possible. Please indicate clearly at the sign up sheet what is your team name.

There will be three main coaches at the Bootcamp: Tanja Aitamurto, Mikko “Kobra” Koskinen and Ville Sundberg. Tanja Aitamurto works with media innovations at Stanford University in California, and she co-founded Uutisraivaaja Competition together with the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation. She teaches design thinking at Stanford University. Mikko and Ville are founders of the first Uutisraivaaja winner, Scoopinion. They have since become serial entrepreneurs and have developed several digital services, among other businesses. Kobra Koskinen is co-founder at Kyrö Distillery, and Ville Sundberg is founder of Kihapp.

Ville Sundberg at the bootcamp in 2014.

Ville Sundberg at the bootcamp in 2014.

What languages?
We will use both Finnish and English at the camp. If you can speak either one, you will do well in the camp!

How was it last time?
This is the third Uutisraivaaja Bootcamp. Experiences from the two first camps were good: people networked, ideas were born, teams were created. For example, members of Long Play, the winner of the second Uutisraivaaja, participated in the camp, and several finalist teams have participated in the camps.

Where will we stay?
The campers will organize their accommodation independently. It’s easy to get to the Design Factory from the center of Helsinki.

Schedule of the camp
The camp will be held on October 21-23. On Friday 21st, we start at 6 pm and work till 9 pm. On Saturday, working begins at 10 am and we work till 5 pm. On Sunday, we work from 10.00 am till 3 pm. A final schedule will be announced later.

What will we eat?
The Helsingin Sanomat Foundation will provide the meals. If you have a special diet, please mention that in the application form.

How do I sign up?
Click this link to get to the application form. The sign up is open till October 7th. The Bootcamp has limited space, and if there are more applicants than we can accommodate, the participants will be selected based on their application for the camp.

More information from:
Uutisraivaaja publicist Rosa Lampela, 050 5792455, [email protected] or
Uutisraivaaja coordinator Tanja Aitamurto, [email protected]
Twitter: @Uutisraivaaja