From left: Mirkka Hietanen (Rohee), Hannele Huhtala (Rohee), Vilma Rimpelä (Rare), Liisa Yli-Ketola (Kaksi maailmaa), Orna Ben Lulu (Rare), Severi Romsi (Itä-Helsinki), Jan Huhtanen (Rare), Niko Pohjalainen (Itä-Helsinki), and Jenna Lehtonen (Itä-Helsinki). Photo: Ida Pimenoff

The Uutisraivaaja jury decided to award funding to the following four projects:

Kaksi maailmaa (Two worlds), 35,100 euros
To encourage students to engage in critical thinking by developing a method where stories made by AI and stories made by a journalist can be compared with each other.

Demokraattinen toimitus, Rare ry, 50,000 euros
A journalistic method which involves the consumers of journalistic content in the story production process with social media technologies.

Street Magazine Rohee, 50,000 euros
Developing social media content to make the street magazine known all over the Tampere region as a trusted brand and medium.

Itä-Helsinki Media Oy (East Helsinki), 50,000 euros
Launching a local media outlet to provide journalistic content for the residents in East Helsinki region.

The funded projects have to be finalized and published by the end of May, 2024.


The Uutisraivaaja Innovation Challenge was organized for the seventh time. Altogether the contest attracted 23 applications.


For more information, please contact:

President Ulla Koski, +35840 731 1507, [email protected]


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