Uutisraivaaja Media Innovation Challenge launched for the sixth time
The contest seeks timely and societally significant journalistic projects

Uutisraivaaja is a media innovation contest organized by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation. The contest seeks timely and societally significant journalistic projects, which apply new technologies. Uutisraivaaja’s goal is to advance innovations in journalism.

The winners of the challenge will implement their project with the Uutisraivaaja Award, which is in maximum 30,000 euros per a project. Altogether the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation has allocated 250,000 euros for the Uutisraivaaja contest.

The journalistic project can be a news story, feature article or represent any other genre chosen by the applicant. The projects executed with funding from the Uutisraivaaja contest have to be freely accessible online without the reader needing to pay for them, i.e. the projects cannot be published behind a paywall. The project owners can also sell and publish their projects in any media (e.g. newspaper, radio, television etc.).

In the Uutisraivaaja contest, new technologies refer to any new technology, which supports the goals of the journalistic project in the Uutisraivaaja application. A new technology could, for instance, be an application of AI, virtual or augmented reality in journalism, or the use of drone imagery or innovative visualizations and infographics in journalism. It is an advantage to the project, if the technology used in it can be used also in other journalistic projects.

The Uutisraivaaja contest is open for everyone. Uutisraivaaja welcomes applications from teams that have at least two members, groups, associations, organizations and companies. Uutisraivaaja wants to encourage both more and less experienced participants to apply.

You can participate in the Uutisraivaaja Media Innovation Challenge by submitting your proposal for a journalistic project in an online application form. The deadline for the applications is February 15, 2021 at noon Finland time. The decisions will be publicized by late March-early April, 2021. The funded projects have to be finalized and published by the end of 2021.

For more information please contact
Ulla Koski, President of the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation, +358040 73 11 507, ulla.koski@hssaatio.fi or
Tanja Aitamurto, Assistant Professor, Chair of the pre-review board & Member of the Jury, tanja.aitamurto@gmail.com

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